Sharing and growing art -

creating shining eyes.

“Students are a puzzle and each lesson is an adventure to figuring out how to help put the pieces together.”

I focus on each individual students learning style, strengths, and weaknesses. Through creativity and exploration, I believe in trying to help the students develop an intrinsic motivation and love for the music and instruments. I work with students of all ages and levels, as young as four or five through adult.

I perform, I teach, I learn. Each day of my musical life has been an adventure. I’m excited to keep discovering the endless possibilities music brings into my life.

Performances are offered in the fall and 
spring for piano students. Students of all levels are highly encouraged to participate.

Lessons focus on:

- finding the music within each student
- creating an intrinsic motivation to practice
- working on students individual technical/musical needs and likes from Bach to Beatles

As a believer in musical outreach, I have taught in inner-city schools, and trained teachers in teaching group piano and music & movement classes.

Please inquire about private lessons in my private studio or your home.